Logo Assets

Using SabreCSG in a project? Feel free to add the SabreCSG logo to your screenshots, splash screen or credits. This is voluntary and we do not require our users to display the SabreCSG logo.


Primary Logo

Our preferred logo choice

For use on dark backgrounds

Primary logoDownload PNG (2500 x 2500)

Horizontal Logo

For when the square primary logo doesn’t fit

For use on dark backgrounds

 Horizontal LogoDownload PNG (2868 × 1250)

Secondary Logo

For use on white or light backgrounds

 Secondary LogoDownload PNG (2500 x 2500)

Splash Screen

We also have a 1080p splash screen. This image height should be kept constant on screens, with the width of the image cropped for non-widescreen images (e.g. 4:3 and 5:4). If you are using uGUI, this can be achieved with a Canvas Scaler component set to Scale With Screen Size and Match set to 1 (Height).

1080P Splash ScreenDownload PNG (1920 x 1080)


Please use SabreCSG rather than sabreCSG or Sabre CSG when written in text.

We reserve the right to withdraw your right to use this free logo.

The images on this page should fit most purposes, if you have alternate requirements or a query about usage please Contact Us