Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the default shortcuts for SabreCSG.


Shortcut Function Added In
Ctrl + Shift + R (PC)
Cmd + Shift + R (OSX)
Rebuild active CSG Model  1.1
Space Cycle editing tool  1.0
Shift + Space Cycle back editing tool  1.0
, Halve positional snapping  1.0
. Double positional snapping  1.0
/ Toggle positional snapping  1.0
A or numpad + Change selected brush to additive  1.0
S or numpad – Change selected brush to subtractive  1.0
H Toggle brush hiding  1.3
G Group selected brushes  1.3
Shift + G Ungroup selected brushes  1.3
Shift + , Halve angular snapping  1.3
Shift + . Double angular snapping  1.3
Shift + / Toggle angular snapping  1.3
J Activate axis align radial menu  1.4
Shift + R Change to resize tool  1.5.1
Shift + V Change to vertex tool  1.5.1
Shift + F Change to face tool  1.5.1
Shift + C Change to clip tool  1.5.1
Shift + D Change to draw tool  1.5.1

Resize Tool

Shortcut Function Added In
Q Switch to resize bounds  1.1
W Switch to translate widget  1.1
E Switch to rotate widget  1.1

Clip Tool

Shortcut Function Added In
Return Apply clip  1.0
R Reverse clip plane  1.0
Shift + Return Apply split  1.3
L Add edge loop  1.3

Face Tool

Shortcut Function Added In
Ctrl + Shift + LMB Follow Last Face  1.3
C + LMB Copy Last Material  1.3

Draw Tool

Draw tool introduced in 1.4

Shortcut Function Added In
Backspace or Delete Remove last point  1.4

Modifying shortcuts

Most shortcuts are currently defined in a script file, but are very simple to change. To change a shortcut simply open the following file:

You’ll see a list of function to key mappings. Changing the key and resaving the file will update the shortcuts.

Shortcuts displayed in yellow boxes     are tied to equivalent key mappings set in Unity. To change these open Unity’s preferences and navigate to the Keys section.

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