SabreCSG Released As Open Source

22 months ago after setting up my own company I began to create the level design tools I’d always wanted in Unity – CSG tools that allow you to rapidly and intuitively build levels inside the Unity editor. Roughly a year ago SabreCSG was released on the Unity Asset Store and since then I’ve released a series of updates that expanded its feature set, responded to user feedback and improved the workflows available to users. Seeing what SabreCSG users have built with it has been exciting to watch, and it has been very rewarding to receive so much positive feedback about the tools and so many 5 star reviews.

Unfortunately as the money SabreCSG generates is a very small fraction of what I need to live on, it’s not possible for me continue commercial development of it. I had hoped to grow sales over time and with continued development, but this has not been the case and I just don’t have the money to continue working on it commercially.

Rather than stop development on SabreCSG and leave it as is, I have decided to release it as open source software under the MIT license. The entire source code for SabreCSG has now been uploaded to Github and is now free for you to fork or check out. I have also requested that Unity change the price of SabreCSG to free on the Asset Store.

I would like to thank everyone who has bought SabreCSG, given feedback and helped in its development. It wouldn’t have come this far without you and I’m very grateful to all of you.

I will continue to develop and maintain SabreCSG at its new location on Github, so please be sure to check it out on Github


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