SabreCSG 1.2 Updated, Upgraded

SabreCSG is a set of level design tools for Unity that allows you to build and prototype game levels or play-spaces very rapidly by adding and subtracting 3D brushes.

We’ve been hard at work the last month since 1.1 was released and we’re pleased to announce that our new upgrade of SabreCSG, version 1.2 has now been approved by the Unity Asset Store and is now live. Our second major update features many new improvements and introduces a lot of new features that have been requested by our users.

Improvements in 1.2

Face tool

Select adjacent walls

Select adjacent floors

Select faces with same material

Select faces from brush

Select excluded faces

Extrude brush from face

Translation is now perfectly
aligned with cursor at
differing scales

Undo is now rolled out to
most the real-time surface
tool features


Added support to select adjacent wall faces
Added support to select adjacent ceiling or floor faces
Added support to select all adjacent geometry
Added support to select excluded faces
When you click a brush in the hierarchy in face mode, the brush faces will now be selected
Added extrude brush from face feature in face mode
Auto UV now works off world position, rather than local position. When Auto UV’ing multiple coplanar faces they will now lay out more intuitively.
Translation in face mode now respects UV scale and will now stay exactly aligned with the cursor at non-default scales
UV snapping in face mode now respects the positional snap distance including with faces at different UV scales
Before clicking the “x 2” button or entering a scaler of 2 would make the face twice as tiled but that seemed counterintuitive. UV scaling values have been inverted. Now clicking x 2 will make the UVs twice as big (and half as tiled).
Added undo to most Face tools
Added ability to select all faces with the current material (select a face with desired material first)

Vertex tool

Weld vertices to centre

Weld vertices within tolerance

Connect vertices to create new edges


Added option to weld vertices to their center in vertex mode
Added option to weld nearby vertices together within a distance tolerance
Added vertex connect option for splitting a face between two vertices

Edge tool

New edge mode

Split two edges at their mid-point
to create a new edge


Added new edge mode, similar to the vertex mode, but selection is tied to edges
Added edge splitting for splitting a face between the mid-points of two edges


Added marquee selection to resize

Rescale brush now supports scale
triplets, for non-uniform scaling

When vertices are moved to the same
position they now automatically merge
on rebuild


Added support for marquee selection of brushes in resize mode
Brush rescaling on the Inspector now supports scale triplets (e.g. 6,1,6)
Overlapping vertices will now automatically merge on build. This means you can now collapse geometry just by moving vertices together in vertex mode.
Prisms and cylinders are now constructed with their cap faces containing a mid vertex
Interior geometry is now removed when building CSG


Fixed new obsolesence code warnings in 5.3 relating to the multiscene changes
OBJ Exporter will now reset any values that are non-rational (e.g. NaN), this fixes importing into some modelling tools. This is mainly relevant to overlapping geometry built with < 1.2.
Backface selection is now prevented in face mode, making it easier to select faces
Worked around a bug in 5.3 that was throwing a passive error error “srcAttach < m_CurrentFramebuffer.colorCount && “We should always resolve only current RT””
Fixed a null reference when selecting the face of a built brush that has been deleted and hasn’t been rebuilt yet
Fixed handles rendering incorrectly (too dark) when Linear color space is selected
Fixed an issue where brushes would report as being concave when they were rotated and resized
Resize tool now updates normals
Fixed some bugs relating to UVs not setting dirty
Fixed a bug with brushes not automatically retracking until rebuild when restored via undo/redo
Fixed some issues relating to brush preview meshes being displayed when they should be hidden
Fixed some issues relating to the new 1.2 multiple CSG model support
Fixed occasional lockup of resizing brushes
Resize cursor should no longer persist when changing modes
Fixed some issues with face aligning not working correctly with undo
Fixed issues with wrong grid being displayed in certain situations
Fixed some false negatives with concave detection to do with winding order.
Fixed some false positives with concave detection to do with scaling of angular geometry (e.g. scale a prism by 900)
Fixed some issues with missing polygons
Fixed brush resizing going off integer in some cases

With the release of SabreCSG 1.2 we’ve also updated the entire reference manual, so documentation for new and changed features is all up to date.

Thanks for checking out SabreCSG 1.2, if you don’t own SabreCSG yet please take a look at our Asset Store page:

SabreCSG at the Unity Asset Store

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