Introducing SabreCSG 1.1

SabreCSG 1.1 Now Available

SabreCSG is a set of level design tools for Unity that allows you to build and prototype game levels or play-spaces very rapidly by adding and subtracting 3D brushes.

The 1.1 Update is now live on the Asset Store and introduces lots of new features and improvements, including upgraded Resize and Face tools, lots of usability improvements, bug fixes and more. Let’s take a look at what’s new:


Face tool

New alignment and auto fit tools
New face exclusion tools
New selection helpers

Added support for All, None and Invert face selection modes
Added support for Auto Fit face
Added support for aligning faces to edges
Added support for excluding faces from final geometry

Resize tool

Resize6New translation widget Resize7New rotation widget Resize1Multi-select bounds
Resize2Multi-select face translation Resize3Multi-select ctrl drag translation Resize4Local and global resizing
Resize5Multi-select ctrl drag copying

Resize bounds is now for the entire selection and works with local/global modes
Added support for multi-select translation by dragging the face of the resize box
Added support for multi-select translation by box handle (and ctrl)
Added support for multi-select rotation by ctrl-dragging resize handles
Added support for local/global modes in resizing
Added support for multi-select resizing
Added support for multi-select ctrl-drag copying
Added support for widgeted translation
Added support for widgeted rotation (Global pivot only)


Swapping1SabreCSG UI now hides and shows contextually

SabreCSG interface will disappear if you select a non SabreCSG object in the hierarchy
Removed the need for CurrentSettings game object, these will auto cleanup from existing scenes
Add support for post build points, e.g. if using SuperCharacterController then you could have a hook which adds a BSPTree component to the collider
OBJ Exporter now groups exported geometry by material
Added support for prefab brushes
SabreCSG folder location is no longer hard coded, you can move the SabreCSG folder inside subfolders in Assets/


Fixed deleted brushes remaining in brush count until rebuild
Fixed clip tool having issues with scaled brushes
Fixed shortcut issues on Windows (Rebuild is now Ctrl-Shift-R on Windows and Cmd-Shift-R on OSX)
Fixed compiler issue on Web Player platform
Fixed some issues with shift selection picking the wrong objects
Fixed some issues with disabling SabreCSG interface not persisting
Fixed issues with Unity 5.3 display
Fixed prefab support
Fixed Create and Grid dropdowns now display in correct place
Split parts from the clip tool now share the source position in the hierarchy (before one part was going to the end)


Check out SabreCSG at the Unity Asset Store

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