SabreCSG Documentation

SabreCSG 1.4 introduces a new API for using Constructive Solid Geomertry (CSG) at run-time in games and applications.

This is currently a new and experimental feature and may be unstable. If you have feedback please get in contact.

Getting Started

Once you have imported 1.4 into your project, to work with run-time CSG you need to enable it. By default SabreCSG is stripped out of builds, but by enabling run-time use SabreCSG will be included so that you can use it outside of the Unity Editor in your own games.

To enable run-time go to Unity's preferences menu, select the SabreCSG tab and click the Enable Runtime CSG button

Clicking the Enable Runtime CSG button does two things: it sets a script define (RUNTIME_CSG) and marks the SabreCSG.Core.dll to be included on all build platforms. This means all necessary

Script Reference

Class List - Find API docs for useful classes


Example Script 1 - A simple example of using runtime CSG

Example Script 2 - Another example showing a simple maze-like generator